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Otterbase is a national Supplemental Staffing company specializing provided excellent working to fortune 500 companies. The company has 50 Employees, 3 remote offices and many remote workers.  Most of the company’s customers are Fortune 500, who demand an immediate response to their staffing needs. “It takes speed and reliability to compete and win in the supplemental staffing industry.  K/HC understands our business needs and designs, implements, and supports IT solutions to meet them.” says Jeff Bennett, President of Otterbase.



“Based on Otterbase’s business needs—fast and reliable connectivity to corporate information, and phone bill reduction, we recommended a VPN solution based on Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR), and high speed Internet connections at the branch offices” says Mike Frey, Partner, K/HC.  In addition to the ISRs providing VPN connectivity, they also provide each location with Firewall security in a single device.  The remote workers connect with a VPN client from home or on the road that encrypts the traffic for security.  Now, when Otterbase opens a new office, K/HC configures the ISR in Grand Rapids and ships it to the installation site.  “All we have to do is plug it in and we’re in business” says Amy Bennett, CIO, Otterbase.



By eliminating the existing Frame-Relay connections and leveraging the high speed Internet already in use at the remote offices, Otterbase has been able to save $1000 / month.  Employee productivity has also greatly improved because downtime is now minimal, and the speed at which employees can access corporate databases is much improved.



Now that Otterbase has a fast, reliable network, they will be able to implement more centralized systems.  The result will be lower cost of ownership of their IT resources.


Executive Summary

· Otterbase, Inc.

· Supplemental Staffing

· Headquarters—Grand Rapids, MI

· 3 locations, 50 employees


Business Challenge

· Improve reliability of interoffice network connections

· Shorten lead time for opening new offices

· Reduce phone bills


Network Solution

· Deployed Cisco Integrated service routers

· Securely integrated remote locations & workers via VPNs


Business Results

· Reduced recurring Phone Bills by $1000/month

· Increased employee efficiency by providing a reliable network connection to Headquarters

· Simplified process of opening new locations

· Lowered Total Cost of Ownership of IT Resources        

William & Jeff Bennett

E&Y’s 2005 Entrepreneurs of the Year



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