Capitalize on the benefits of VoIP with the new Cisco Call Manager Express.      This solution combines telephony, voice messaging, and wireless mobility into a single device that is designed, packaged, and configured for swift deployment and ease of use.

IP Telephony

Increase productivity and mobility by combining your office phone, mobile phone, voice mail, E-mail, contact lists/address books, task list, and calendar into one integrated system.      No longer will you have to worry about synchronizing communication devices.



The convenience of our full service approach, encompassing both hardware and software support, enables you to focus on your core business while we deal with your IT issues.K/HC can handle all your support needs or providesupplemental support on projects.

IT Outsourcing

The world of Information Technology is fast paced and ever changing, and there are times when you need the advice of professionals with broad and deep perspective. K/HC provides trusted advice to leading West Michigan companies - large and small.

IT Consulting




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